DeltaTrack 450-550 hp

The Versatile legacy of production of articulated four-wheel drive tractors is extensive. When conception of a track unit began there was no doubt that a four-track system was the best solution for Versatile and for the dealers and customers. In partnership with industry-leading suppliers, Versatile has developed a new class leader in the agricultural market.

4WD Series 350-550 hp

The new Versatile four-wheel drive is designed to enhance the profitability of large scale farming operations while upholding the Versatile cornerstones of reliability, durability and ease of service and maintenance.

HHT 4WD Series 435-575 hp

With a heavy frame and powerful Cummins QSX 15-liter engine, Versatile High Horsepower Tractors are built for the rigors of large acre farms. This tractor is built to pull.

4WD Series 305-400 hp

The Versatile 305, 340, 375 and 400 offer unmatched flexibility. The cab is shared with the HHT Series, meaning excellent visibility and lots of interior space for days in the field that are both comfortable and productive.

MFWD Series 260-310 hp

The all-new Versatile family of front-wheel assist tractors is designed to meet interim Tier 4 emissions control standards while providing a new level of comfort, power and visibility. For almost 50 years Versatile tractors have been built for reliability, durability and serviceability and the new era of tractor models continues to uphold these standards while increasing functionality and operator convenience.

MFWD Series 250-305 hp

The Versatile 250 to 305 is powered by the Cummins QSC 8.3-liter engine, designed to meet the balance of power and efficiency. The 250 has 205 PTO horsepower, the 280, 220 PTO horsepower and the 305 has 245 PTO horsepower with a power-to-weight ratio that is one of the best in the industry.

MFWD Series 190-220 hp

The Versatile 190-220 tractors are built to last. Powered by an efficient QSB 6.7L Cummins engine that is hardworking and reliable. The engine is paired with a robust 24 x 12 transmission and an ultra-responsive hydraulic shuttle ideal for loader applications. Heavy-duty and hard working the 190-220 is the quality tractor you've come to expect from Versatile.

4WD Scraper 435-485 hp

With a heavy frame and powerful Cummins QSX 15-liter engine, Versatile Scraper Tractors are hardworking with the lugging power to pull pans and clear land fast.