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Each farm has specific operating conditions and implement demands and Versatile four-wheel drive tractors offer the choice of manual or powershift transmissions, each developed to efficiently manage field demands and engine horsepower. Choose the best transmission for convenience, performance and operating conditions.

Manual Transmission
The mechanical 12 x 4 transmission features four synchronized sequential smooth-shifting gears and three range gears. The highest gear in each range steps to the lowest gear in the next range for smooth operation. These gears have closely matched speed increments in the critical band from 3 to 8 mph to provide flexibility for every farming application.

Powershift Transmission
Available in the 305, 340, 375 and 400 models is the 12 x 2 Powershift transmission. Single lever control provides clutchless shifting from forward to neutral to reverse for all speeds. Powershift gear selection features are designed for simple gear selection, smooth operation and in-field convenience.

Cruise Control
Engine and ground speed consistency is very important for maximizing the efficiency of modern implements such as air seeders. Cruise control is included on all Versatile four-wheel drive tractors to maintain ground velocity or maintain engine speed for peak horsepower and torque, or for constant PTO operation.

The next field
Farms have expanded and moving to the next field is no longer as simple as crossing the road. With that in mind, Versatile four-wheel drive tractors now have road speeds of up to 22 MPH so moving equipment to the next field takes less time.

Mechanical Gear Ranges
Powershift Gear Ranges