The quality and durability you've come to expect from Versatile is now available in a new line of vertical tillage. Versatile tillage equipment has been proven over hundreds of thousands of acres and those five decades of groundbreaking expertise have been used to develop the adaptable and rugged Versatile Viking.

    Use a shallow angle to prepare a seedbed. Lightly tilling the soil cuts and spreads residue evenly. This mix of soil and residue promotes decay while nutrients are brought forward. The opened soil surface lets in air flow which allows excess moisture to escape as well as aiding in the warming of the seedbed to promote rapid emergence.

    Use a more aggressive angle for maximum residue management. The Viking can be used ahead of or in place of primary tillage. It can also be used to clean up field edges, low spots, weed patches and ruts.


    SoilRazor™ VT Blades
    The Versatile Viking utilizes the SoilRazer™ VT blades with sawtooth edge. This heavy-duty blade stays sharp even as it wears due to its unique flute design. The shallow concavity sawtooth blades cut and capture even the toughest residue. The SoilRazor delivers exceptional clod crushing abilities and actually becomes more aggressive as the cutting edge wears. When working in soft soil the SoilRazor penetrates deep to warm and dry the seedbed.

    Blade Spacing
    The Versatile Viking is available with either 8" or 9" spacing which is unique in the industry. 8" spacing results in residue being cut / sized into smaller pieces. 9" spacing is more suitable when higher amounts of residue are present or deeper working depth is desired.

    Blade Size
    All blades on the Versatile Viking are an impressive 1/4" (6.5 mm) thick, surpassing the industry standard of 1/5" (5 mm).
    • 20", standard, recommended for 8" spacing
    • 22", optional, recommended for 8" or 9" spacing
    • 24", optional, recommended for 9" spacing

    SoilRazor™ VT Blades
    Customize for your specific needs

    Every operation has its own unique set of conditions. The Versatile Viking provides many options and can be configured to best suit your specific needs. Varied results can be achieved by working shallow versus deeper, with smaller or wider blade spacing, smaller or larger blades, and by the angle of the gang.

    Adjust your working depth
    Shallow working depth:
    1. To keep more stubble standing to trap snow and prevent air drill plugging; ideal for small grain crops.
    2. Allows for a faster working speed.

    Deeper working depth:
    1. A deeper working depth will move more soil vertically and allow a greater residue mix with the soil.
    2. High-residue conditions
    3. Improves ability to pull & chop up root balls

    Adjust your gang angle
    Minor gang angle:
    1. Ideal to warm / dry / prepare the seedbed in spring.
    2. Disturbs the soil the least while leaving maximum residue on the surface.

    Greater gang angle:
    1. Provides maximum ground penetration.
    2. Mixing soil and crop residue together.
    3. Fixing residue into the soil to minimize erosion

    Choice of Blade Spacing
    8" Blade Spacing:
    1. For areas where smaller sized reside pieces are desired (4") and deep penetration is not required.
    2. Closer blade spacing means less weight per blade.

    9" Blade Spacing:
    1. Provides a more aggressive tillage action with more weight per blade.
    2. Ideal for high residue conditions.

    Choice of Blade Size
    20" blades:
    1. For areas where smaller sized reside pieces are desired (4") and deep penetration is not required.

    22" / 24" Blades:
    1. Provides a more aggressive tillage action with more weight per blade.
    2. Works better with 9" blade spacing


    Tandem Walking Beam Axle
    Standard equipment on the main frame and wings, each walking beam pivots on greaseable bushings to improve weight distribution and stability when the implement is being transported and provides for uniform working depth by averaging out field variations.

    Stone-Flex Bearing Hangers
    Gang style Vertical Tillage encourages each blade to cut / penetrate and continue rolling through tough residue where individually mounted blades / coulters will plug. Stone flex bearing hangers are perfect for absorbing shock loads at the higher working speeds of the Viking: they react to both vertical and horizontal forces. Blade penetration is not compromised.

    Heavy-Duty Gang Bearings
    Heavy-duty, single row bearings are standard equipment on the Viking. Each bearing features the latest in seal technology to keep contamination out of the bearings and provide years of trouble free operation.

    T2-215 Trunnion Mounted Bearings
    Exclusive to Versatile the T2-215 series bearings are trunnion mounted to provide positive alignment and handle gang shaft deflection that results from shock loads. Two 215 series ball bearings are positioned back-to-back within the oversized regreaseable housing. Each 215 bearing uses eleven 11/16" (17 mm) steel ball bearings and each T2-215 bearing unit is rated at 22,800 lb radial load rating at 33-1/3 rpm. Housing design makes it simple to remove gangs by removing one bolt per bearing housing.

    Standard hydraulic lockout valves prevent operation of either the lift or wing cylinders when the implement is being transported.

    Finishing attachments
    12" diameter rolling baskets are available to assist with breaking apart clods and root wads and aids in the mixing of soil and residue as well as the firming and leveling of the soil surface. Also available is the 3-bar mounted tine harrows featuring an adjustable rake angle and spring-loaded carrier arms.

    Tandem Walking Beam Axles
    Stone-Flex Bearing Hangers
    Finishing Attachments