Independent Shank Technology
    Independent Shank Technology provides more precise seed placement in varying terrain which results in more consistent germination and emergence and improved yields. Each shank operates independently to accurately place seed and fertilizer for faster, more even germination and emergence.

    Independent Shank Technology

    Mechanical Linkage
    Unlike competitive units that utilize hydraulic cylinders on each shank to control packing and trip forces, the all-mechanical system increases / decreases packing force by simply lowering / lifting the drill frame. Versatile’s patent pending ALIVE control system continuously monitors and automatically adjusts the frame height to ensure the desired packing force and a consistent seed furrow profile is maintained in all soil conditions. An adjustable spring trip (350-600 lb; 159-273 kg) prevents shank or opener damage should a rock be encountered.

    Independent shank with mechanical linkage

    Seed Furrow Selection
    The ALIVE Control System on Versatile ML Series Drills allows operators to select a seed furrow depth which is suitable for different types of seeds and changing soil types and moisture conditions. A scale of 1 to 10 (shallow to deep) provides for on-the-go adjustments in order to maintain precise seed placement and furrow depth according to the operator's requirements.

    In-cab monitor with seed furrow selection